Thanks to the iPhone’s impressive sales, TSMC has widened its gap with Samsung in the chip industry

According to Sammobile According to the Trendforce research institute, in the third quarter of this year, the gap between Samsung and TSMC in the chip industry increased. Statistics show that Samsung has 15.5% of the global chip market. Samsung’s share has decreased compared to 2022 and last quarter.

Samsung recorded $5.584 billion in sales in its chip business in the third quarter of this year, which represents a 0.1 percent drop from the second quarter of 2022. On the other hand, TSMC, as the world’s largest contract chipmaker, increased its share to 56.1%.

TSMC’s share in the chip industry experienced a quarterly growth of 2.7%. The Taiwanese giant, which has customers such as Apple and Nvidia, increased its chip sales by 11.1 percent in the third quarter to $20.163 billion.

Due to the growth of TSMC’s chip sales, the company has widened its distance with Samsung. TSMC’s market share is 40.6% higher than Samsung’s. South Korean media say that one of the reasons for the widening gap between the two companies is that Samsung has invested heavily in the development of advanced lithography in the recent quarter.

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According to Trendforce, the sales of most companies in the chip industry have fallen due to the decrease in demand in the consumer products market. TSMC, meanwhile, saw its chip sales rise thanks to strong demand for the iPhone.

TSMC announced last week that it will build two large factories with advanced equipment in the state of Arizona. Samsung is also expanding its production line in the Texas factory. One of Samsung’s biggest problems is low chip manufacturing efficiency, and the company is said to be working with Silicon Frontline Technology to improve production efficiency. Samsung is also looking to build new factories in Europe.

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