test code for OnePlus phones; Entering the secret world of numbers and capabilities!

Important secret codes of OnePlus

Below are some of the most important secret codes of OnePlus phones.

Show calendar of events:

OnePlus test code:

Engineering Mode code:

Google Play services:

Checking the battery status:

Model review:

OnePlus hardware test codes

Use the USSD codes in the list below to access the hardware menu option of OnePlus phones.

Device bluetooth test:

Testing sensors:

Show touch screen version:

Quick GPS test:

Other GPS tests:

Loopback test:

Device LCD screen test:

Vibration and backlight test:

Testing the wireless network (Wireless LAN) of the device:

Device touch screen test:

OnePlus backup codes

If you want to backup your OnePlus Android device with the help of USSD code, you can try the following codes.

Reinstall the phone firmware:

Backup all files:

Reset the phone and wipe all data:

Secret codes to get OnePlus software information

Use the list of secret codes mentioned below to get software information for OnePlus devices.

Device RAM version:

Camera information:

Device firmware information:

Display build time:

Display Bluetooth device address:

FTA hardware version:

Checking the software version of the device:

Other OnePlus secret codes

In the following, we have prepared a list of other USSD codes for OnePlus phones. You can also check them out as they will be useful for you.

Tuner control guide program:

QR code request:

Automatic search:

OP Push:

Rlz Debug Ul:

Entering the OnePlus services menu:

Google Play services:

QC test (all tests):

Display MAC address of Wi-Fi address:

PDA and device operating system information:

Proximity sensor test:

Show IMEI number:

Android device RAM version:

Show IMEI number:

Device wireless network test:

Sound test of the device:

QC test:

FTA software version:

FTA hardware version:

Show calendar:

Quick GPS test:

Android device LCD screen test:

Android device touch screen test:

Device bluetooth test:

Battery statistics and usage:

Device field test:

Vibration and backlight test:

Enable test mode:

Sound test of the device:

Another type of GPS test:

Monitor Google Talk service:

Android device RAM version:

Display mac wifi address:

Enable voice dialing mode:

Disable voice dialing mode:

Android device reset (all device data such as photos, apps, and settings will be erased):

Android device touch screen test:

As mentioned at the beginning of the article, depending on the OnePlus device model, some of the codes mentioned in this article may not work on that phone. Anyway, we tried to introduce you the latest available codes.

If you know another secret application code for OnePlus phone, share it with Zoomit and other users in the comments section.

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