Tesla’s new supercar reaches a speed of 97 km/h in less than one second

Tesla’s new supercar reaches a speed of 97 km/h in less than one second

6 years after the first talks about an updated version of the first one car Tesla, which was launched in 2008, Elon Musk He once again announced the production of a new generation of Roadster.

Elon Musk by publishing a series of tweets In X social network, rekindled the fire of discussion about the new roadster model. “Even if it can be called a car, there will never be another car like it,” he said.

Musk: The new roadster reaches a speed of 97 kilometers per hour in less than one second

Musk claimed the new roadster would have “the most amazing product display of all time,” and that’s not the most interesting feature, which is that it can hit 60 mph (97 km/h) in less than a second.

Tesla’s flamboyant CEO first unveiled his plans for the new Roadster at an event in 2017, promising a 2020 launch. He later said in 2018 that a model of the new Roadster might be equipped with small rocket thrusters that would give the Tesla car “the ability to fly” while improving speed and braking.

However, the new Roadster has faced numerous delays over the years, with Tesla citing its status as “in development” without announcing a specific timeline or building a production line.

Musk’s recent extensive publicity can be linked to the release of the Chinese BYD U9 electric supercar with a top speed of 192 mph (309 km/h). Although BYD has no plans to launch its cars in the United States, the battle between the two automakers for a larger share of the Chinese market continues. According to the latest statistics, despite the stability of BYD’s 29.2% share, Tesla’s share of the Chinese market has decreased to 6.1%.

Mask’s empty promises are not new

Big promises and occasional delays are nothing new for the SpaceX CEO. In fact, his many rants have led to the creation of a website called ElonMusk.Today to track Musk’s mostly empty promises. According to the website, it’s been 1,876 days since Musk announced the rocket technology that would allow the new Roadster to fly.

On the other hand, some analysts completely reject the launch of a supercar like a new model of the Roadster. Warren Aharthe automotive technology expert said:[عرضه‌ی رودستر جدید] It’s more for showing off.” According to him, most drivers are unable to control a powerful car like Tesla Model S Plaid.

Ross Garber, a Tesla shareholder, agrees that a new model of the Roadster is unlikely to increase the company’s earnings. He believes that Tesla should focus on its more affordable models instead. Garber also criticized the outspokenness of Musk’s political tone, saying it made him less invested in Tesla.

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