Tesla video games endanger the safety of car occupants

In its upgrade, Tesla allows occupants to play video games on the center touchpad while moving. True, this can be bypassed-but not unless you’re a techie who knows what he’s doing. Previously, the driver could only play video games while the vehicle was parked.

But last summer, a software update was released that made it possible to play a variety of games, regardless of whether the car was fixed or not, according to the New York Times. This has raised serious concerns about car safety.

Verified verification on Tesla Model 3 titles Sky Force Reloaded, Solitaire, and The Battle of Polytopia run on the center touch screen while the vehicle is moving. Only a message is displayed asking the player to confirm that he is not a driver, but that message does not appear to be a deterrent. Drivers can easily tap “I AM A Passenger” and play complex action games such as Sky Force while the car is moving.

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Even before the update, some of the interactive apps in Tesla cars were in motion, including the design page and karaoke music mode. Of course, in the same apps, the driver was warned not to participate because the safety of the trip was endangered.

One of the owners of Tesla Model 3 After realizing that the game can be played while driving, go to NHTSA sued. Of course, this is not the only complaint from Tesla. The company is currently facing 59 complaints from Tesla Model 3 car owners.

An NHTSA spokesman told Reuters he was “talking” to the company about video games that could be played on mobile machines. The spokesman said:

Distraction-related crashes are of particular concern in vehicles equipped with a range of technologies such as entertainment displays. We are aware of drivers’ concerns and are discussing this feature with the manufacturer.

Tesla is known for its safety rules. The company is offering a version of its advanced Level 2 assist system called Full Self-Driving. Of course, this company forces drivers to be careful while using this feature.

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The US government has also shown interest in the company and recently announced that it is investigating incidents involving autopilot-style Tesla cars colliding with parked emergency vehicles. NHTSA Also look for more information from Tesla about the general auto-complete beta test (FSD).

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Tesla has always been a pioneer in the use of software updates in the automotive industry. The company even updates its cars like smartphones. Tesla has also released a complete collection of video games called Tesla Arcade.

Tesla uses built-in cameras to monitor the car’s performance when using the “full auto” mode, which is currently in beta. This feature keeps the car between lanes and allows the driver to use the automatic steering mode and adaptive cruise control on local and off-highway streets. But the vast majority of Tesla cars do not use any camera to track the driver’s eye movements. This way you can not be sure if the driver’s attention is on the road or not.

In general, occupant safety is one of the main tasks of car companies, and it remains to be seen what Tesla will do to increase the safety of its users.

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