Tesla showed off the amazing balance of the Optimus robot [تماشا کنید]

Tesla showed off the amazing balance of the Optimus robot [تماشا کنید]

Tesla made headlines by making an electric car, but Elon Musk He believes that Tesla’s products are more like four-wheeled robots and should not be simply called cars. Tesla is also very interested in the field of artificial intelligence and robotics and has started working on a humanoid robot called Optimus for a long time.

Tesla Optimus user account on social network X (former Twitter) has published a new video of this humanoid robot to show its progress. The new video shows that Optimus can now sort things automatically without the need for human intervention.

Tesla says its new robot’s neural network is trained end-to-end. This neural network has made Tesla’s new robot perform various tasks with high precision. In Tesla’s new video, we see that the Optimus balances well as well.

Optimus humanoid robot was unveiled by Elon Musk in 2021. In this project, Tesla plans to build a versatile robot and help people live more comfortably. Optimus is designed to be safe and go about doing things that are dangerous for humans.

The Optimus project is closely related to the FSD driver assistance system of Tesla cars. Thanks to the camera and relying on artificial intelligence, the robot can “see” and recognize its surroundings. In the future, Optimus may have the ability to cook and garden. The mass production of this robot will probably start next year.

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