Tencent acquires Xiaomi BlackShake for $ 470 million

A new report claims that the Chinese giant, Tencent Games, which operates in various fields such as online multiplayer games such as PubJie Mobile, etc., is about to take over the gaming division of Blackham Sharakha, according to Gsamarna. It is approximately three billion yuan, which is a little over $ 470 million.

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Little details about Tencent’s access to the section are available and there is no official statement yet. If that happens then Tencent will finally enter the gaming smartphone segment with its own hardware offering.

Tencent has previously partnered with various smartphone makers, including Asus for the ROG Phone and nubia for the Red Magic series. With the acquisition of BlackShark, the company could potentially expand its business outside of China; Because Xiaomi has already penetrated the valley of some big markets.

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