Telegram was fined in this country for resisting the Brazilian court order

Alexandre de MoraesThe judge of the Supreme Court of Brazil has announced that Telegram must pay a fine for not complying with the court order of this country. Brazil asked Telegram for sponsor accounts Jair Bolsonarosuspend the former president of this country. to the writing of ReutersTelegram is required to pay a fine of 1.2 million Brazilian Reals (equivalent to $236,527).

The verdict of the Brazilian court was issued earlier this month after an extensive investigation. At the time, it was said that Telegram had to block five user accounts that had posted hateful content centered around vandalism in public buildings. However, the Telegram account is under ownership Nicholas Ferreiradid not block the elected representative of Congress. Ferreira received 1.47 million votes in the 2022 elections in Brazil and was ranked higher than all other candidates.

The Supreme Court of Brazil has given Telegram five days to pay the fine. Telegram has not responded to media requests for comment on Brazil’s fine.

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