Telegram was filtered due to non-disclosure of user information in Brazil

A court in Brazil has issued a temporary blocking order against Telegram, and it is likely that this popular messenger will be removed from Brazilian online stores in the near future.

Judge Wellington Lopez da Silva, has ordered Google and Apple to remove Telegram from Play Store and App Store. According to the Brazilian judge, mobile operators are also obliged to block access to Telegram.

According to AndroidThe blocking of Telegram in Brazil is the result of not providing complete user information in two neo-Nazi chat groups. It is believed that these groups played a role in inciting the attack on Brazilian schools.

Until Telegram provides sufficient information to the government authorities, it must pay a fine of about 200,000 dollars per day.

According to informed sources, the chat groups in question were found on the phone of a teenager accused of shooting in Brazilian schools. Two shooting incidents killed three people and injured 13 people. Brazilian government officials say that in addition to the content of Nazism, they have seen instruction on how to kill, instructions for making bombs and violent videos in the groups in question.

Judge Da Silva says that Telegram only provided the government with the information of the director of a group called “Brazilian Anti-Semitic Movement” and failed to provide details of the members. Telegram also did not provide any details about another group called “Anti-Semitic Front”.

Telegram told the Brazilian government that the groups in question have been deleted and it is not possible to recover any information.

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