Telegram wants to auction certain usernames through the TON blockchain

How important is digital identity to you? How important is this in the cryptocurrency space? Thanks to the Telegram messenger program, you can get the answer to this question soon. The platform plans to allow its users to auction their digital identity on the market to determine if their username is worth changing or not.

Telegram announced in an official thread that it is almost ready to offer a username auction platform on the TON (or The Open Network) blockchain; Blockchain, which was initially developed and managed by Telegram. Transactions on this network use its native cryptocurrency, Toincoin.

Pavel DorfTelegram’s founder became interested in setting up an online auction center in August after seeing how much people were making by auctioning off their wallets and domain names on the company’s legacy blockchain.

Dwarf Wrote:

If TON has managed to achieve such results, imagine how successful Telegram with its 700 million users will be if it auctions reserved usernames and links to groups and channels. Ownership of these usernames is secured on the blockchain in a similar way to NFT. Other Telegram elements such as stickers, channels or even emojis can also be sold through the auctions section.

Telegram’s founder also announced that in addition to users’ address (i.e. their username), all four-letter usernames such as club, bank, game and gift can be auctioned.

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However, it seems that selling usernames is not that new because, as The Block points out, usernames have been sold on the Ethereum blockchain for a long time through a special service. Besides, it is not that hard to find many other projects that have started selling NFT version of users’ digital ID for online gaming.

Telegram has already made some forays into cryptocurrencies, but the messenger was forced to abandon efforts to develop TON after investigations by the US Securities and Exchange Commission for selling unregistered securities. After a federal judge ruled in favor of the SEC in the Telegram cryptocurrency case, the company stopped developing the blockchain, and the developers handed over control of the blockchain to the TON Foundation in 2021.

According to BusinessofApps, Telegram currently has more than 500 million monthly active users and is widely used in countries such as Iran thanks to end-to-end encryption. This anonymity is considered a very key feature for Telegram. to report GizmodoRecently, Telegram’s popularity in the country has increased after the South Korean company Kakao and its application KakoTalk faced a multi-day outage, cutting off the connections of millions of users.

However, Telegram’s adherence to anonymity has caused controversy between the platform and governments. Germany recently fined Telegram five million dollars for not setting up a system to report illegal content.

Signal can be mentioned among other programs that pay special attention to privacy. while Durov With Telegram messenger, it is famous for creating open debates with Meta and this company’s messenger application, WhatsApp. Meredith WhittakerThe new head of Signal criticized Telegram for using a cloud backup system.

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