Technology journalism or science fiction journalism?

Journalism in the field of technology has been popular in Iran for years; But its conditions today cannot be compared with any other time. Saeed Arkanzadeh Yazdi, journalist and communication researcher, in a note that he made available to Zomit, has described in detail the new face and new coordinates of technology journalism that emerged four months ago. Next, you will read this note.

Specialized journalism is one of the branches of journalism, and in the last two decades, we have gradually seen a new specialized journalism, which if we want to name it now, it can be called “technology journalism”. In the beginning, technology journalism was considered a subset of economic journalism and sometimes science journalism; But he gradually took an independent path and boasted.

Now a large number of journalists, who are a combination of experienced and young people, are working in the field of technology journalism and have given depth to its specialized media in the media market of Iran and have found a large audience. A major part of the contents of this news area is dedicated to new communication issues and communication technologies, which are now trapped in the narrowness of limitations and auras of ambiguity.

In the last two decades, and especially in the 1390s, technology journalism became a news field that had a lot of appeal to young audiences and was usually far from the margins of everyday social and political journalism. In fact, technology journalism was a safe field that could attract a large audience, generate good income, and avoid the usual security and legal obstacles in political and social journalism.

However, since 25 Shahrivar 1401, when a new wave of protests broke out in Iranian society, the situation of technology journalism changed. In their speeches and comments, official analysts and officials considered the media, especially alternative media and new communication technologies, to be the main reason for the events after Shahrivar 1401, and thus technology journalism was thrown into the center of politics in Iran.

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