Teaching private sharing and file hiding in One UI 5.1

In the first row, in Lock Type, you can choose the type of Samsung Secure Folder protection from PIN, password, and pattern options. It is also possible to hide the pattern and automatically lock the secure folder and add a secure folder in the applications section.

After you have finished creating the Samsung secure folder and the desired settings, touch Home from the phone’s navigation menu bar and open the secure folder. In this section, you can access your calendar, camera, contacts, gallery, internet browser, protected files and notes.

It is worth mentioning that by touching the + sign in the upper right corner, you can add other programs to this list.

Private Share feature in One UI 5.1 user interface

Personal file sharing always raises the concern that these files may be compromised. Samsung offers Private Share on Galaxy phones, which allows you to share personal and important files with others more securely.

In the One UI 5.1 update, Samsung’s private sharing feature will intelligently take care of the files you send to your friends. Therefore, if you are sharing a picture of your ID card, a message will appear saying that it is better to share your file through Private Share, so that with a layer of encryption, you can rest assured that it will not be available to profiteers.

Perhaps it is easy to share pictures and short travel videos with friends and family; But sharing sensitive and personal content while protecting it will be one of the concerns of users.

In the Samsung ecosystem and the One UI 5.1 user interface, with the Private Share feature, private sharing of personal sensitive files with others brings adequate security to solve your concerns.

The built-in Private Share tool is built into the Samsung Galaxy phone for the secure transfer of sensitive personal files. This data can include work documents, family vlogs, medical reports, identification cards and other confidential documents.

The Private Share app is installed by default on the Galaxy phone and cannot be disabled or removed; Because it is part of the One UI user interface shell.

Features of the Samsung Private Share app

  • Encrypts all files during sharing.
  • Defines an expiration date for shared files.
  • It allows defining the access level of reading information and preventing screenshots.
  • It prevents re-sharing of the files sent by the receiving user so that the ownership of the files is not violated.
  • Removes location-related metadata from shared images.
  • After sharing, it is still possible to revoke access to uploaded files.

Currently, using the Private Share feature is only possible on Samsung devices with Android 9 and newer.

How to use Samsung Private Share and send files

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