Teaching how to change the correct size of images without losing quality

The final size of the images depends on the resolution we choose in the settings. For example, if we set a 3000 x 4500 pixel photo at a pixel density of 300 dpi, it will be printed with a size of 10 x 15 inches; But if we set it to 72 dpi, it will print with a size of 41.6 x 62.5 inches.

For example, even though the print size has changed; But the image (photo file) is not resized and only the existing pixels are reorganized. Consider, for example, a drawstring. It can be stretched or gathered without changing the composition of the strap and adding or cutting a part of the drawstring.

Select photo size

At the beginning, you should know what purpose you want the photo for? Are you going to keep it digitally, share it online, or print it? Because, according to the purpose you set for the photo, the maximum pixel density will be important.

For example, if you plan to upload the photo to a social network account, set the settings to 72 dpi; But such amount will not be suitable for photo printing. Therefore, if you plan to print the photo, this number should be between 300 and 350 dpi to see the quality of the output.

Don’t forget that every monitor and printer will have slight differences in resolution. For example, if you want to print a photo that is 10 x 8 inches. Your photo should have 8 x 300 dpi equal to 2400 pixels and 10 x 300 dpi equal to 3000 pixels, which means: 3000 x 2400 pixels and any photo larger than these dimensions will only take up memory space. Now let’s go to the answer to the first question, what is the method of changing the size of the photo without losing quality?

Resize photos with Photoshop

To resize the photo with Photoshop, after running Photoshop and opening the photo in it, follow the steps below.

first stage: In the top left menu bar, click on Image to open its options and then click on Image Size option.

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