Teaching astronomical photography in Galaxy phones

Samsung recently added new features to the Expert Raw app. One of the features added to the new Galaxy family camera is the new Astrophoto mode, which can turn the dark night sky into a bright canvas of stars. To take advantage of this feature and record astronomical photos, only one of Devices compatible with Samsung’s Expert RAW app You need the Expert RAW app and a stand to steady the mobile phone.

Samsung has introduced the Astrophoto feature since the launch of One UI 5.1 first in the series Galaxy S22 added. Now users of series phones S 23, S. 21 and Galaxy Z Fold 3 can also use the mentioned feature; However, Samsung is expected to extend this attractive feature to more One UI 5.1-based phones.

In this article, we teach how to work with this attractive feature; So if you are using one of the compatible phones with the Expert Raw app and want to capture the stars, stay with us. In the following, we will learn how to take astronomical photographs in Galaxy phones.

How to enable Astrophoto mode on Galaxy phones?

Before you pick up the camera and start astrophotography, first make sure you have the Samsung Expert RAW app on your phone. To ensure this issue, go through the steps below:

1. First, open the camera software.

2. Tap More to see more settings.

3. Now select Expert RAW.

4. Finally, by going to the settings section, make sure that the special photo options option is enabled.

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