TCL has introduced the 98-inch XL QLED TV

In 2021, TCL introduced the “XL” TV series, which aimed to offer very large 85-inch screens at a lower price than similar products from powerful competitors such as Samsung and LG. According to theverge, now in the first week of 2022, the XL series has grown to include the new 98-inch 4K QLED TV. The new 98R754 TV is based on Google’s software platform and offers features such as playing 4K games at 120 Hz.

In terms of price, Tucial just announced that the latest XL is under $ 8,000. Therefore, it is probably interpreted as $ 7999. While the TV is expensive; But for this screen size it is relatively affordable.

The new 98-inch TV 2022 TV

Pictures from the new TV released by TV show that the device has four HDMI ports, two of which support 4K resolution at 120Hz (although only one of these ports works with eARC / ARC to connect to a Sanderbar or AV input. he does). The company did not provide further details on other specifications; So we have to wait for the retail catalogs to get the complete information. The TV runs on the Google TV platform, which should now have a smoother experience than the first TVs with bugs and poor performance.

TV also shared some of its plans for other TV models coming out in late 2022. The TCL Roku and Google TV models will be updated in 2022. Customers can expect variable upgrade rates of even faster up to 144 Hz for PC games. It goes without saying that Samsung’s new 2022 TVs also have this upgrade. Finally, according to Tissual, more sets are jumping from 4K to 8K resolution.

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In an unexpected move, Ticial also announced future advances in motion processing. The company will work with Pixelworks and other entertainment leaders to define and implement for the first time a new motion ecosystem called “TrueCut Motion” for high-performance TV models. The TrueCut Motion feature promises to be able to change the way you display motion on your screen and continuously capture it as the filmmaker intended. TrueCut Motion includes a new content submission format and a new device certification program to ensure a consistent output approved by the filmmaker, according to a press release.

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