Take a look at the International Space Station

The International Space Station (ISS) is moving at a speed of 8 kilometers per second. This structure weighs 420 tons and orbits the earth once every 93 minutes. These numbers are very large by space standards. This station is 4 times the size of the Russian station Mir and 5 times the size of Skylab. It is interesting to note that although these numbers are very large, the interior of the ISS is the size of a 6-bedroom house and can only accommodate 6 people.

Most of the main parts of this space station have been built in the last few years; But by the end of the 2020s, several new sections will be added. Upon completion, the International Space Station will weigh 450 tons. The International Space Station is the third brightest object in the Earth’s sky, visible to the naked eye.

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