Take a closer look at the scenarios of the Huawei Super Device in Smart Office, Sports and Entertainment

Huawei has made huge investments in research and development one of its principles; For this reason, it has introduced its new operating system, Harmony OS, which, from the earliest stages, has developed it as a structure for establishing stable, secure and simple communication between different devices.

At the heart of Harmony OS, Huawei has implemented a feature that allows you to connect to all of these features. This feature is called Super Device, which makes it possible to connect different Huawei devices with just a simple call, without the need for additional applications.

In this ecosystem, two communication technologies based on NFC and Wi-Fi are used, with the help of which many capabilities are provided to the user; These include the ability to display the screen of one device on another and work simultaneously with it, moving information quickly and without delay, and controlling all devices with a mouse and keyboard.

In any case, using the Super Device feature, it is possible to use different devices. In this article, we will get acquainted with a number of application scenarios of this system. Continue to be with Zomit:

Smart office scenario

Watch on the camera

Entertainment scenario

Watch on the camera

Sports scenario

Watch on the camera

What do you think about the Huawei ecosystem?

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