Taiwan seeks to make history; TSMC will produce a two-nanometer processor in 2025

TSMC has developed three nanometer lithography in several versions such as N3, N3P, N3X and N3AE. According to the company’s official roadmap, N3 lithography-based processors will arrive before the end of 2023. It is said that Apple has reserved all the production capacity of this lithography.

In the next year, we will see the production of processors with N3E lithography, and TSMC’s first two-nanometer processors will arrive in 2025. TSMC says that N3E lithography is 18% stronger and 32% more energy efficient compared to N5 (5nm class).

According to WccftechTSMC’s two-nanometer lithography development is progressing well. This lithography includes nanoplate transistors and it experiences nearly 15% improvement compared to N3E. Assuming constant processing power, the energy consumption of a processor based on 2-nanometer lithography is 30% lower.

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