System Partners enters the field of home appliances and retail

System Partners announced today, December 31st, at its annual meeting, after extensive changes in the management team and with the approach of covering all possible areas, it intends to enter new markets. According to Zomit, the board of directors of System Partners has undergone changes in recent months, and the CEO of this company has also changed with a youthful approach and the use of specialized power to suit the circumstances.

Farid Fooladi, The former CEO of the company, who now chairs the board, explained that these changes are made according to the company’s strategy and taking into account the circumstances. Following these changes, Fooladi will temporarily become the CEO of Abramad, the cloud services arm of the system partners, and after transferring his business to start this newly established company, will hand it over to the youth.

محمد عزیزاللهی, The new CEO of System Partners, began his talk with a description of the status of System Partners. According to Azizollahi, meeting customer needs and creating added value are the two constant priorities of system partners. In this regard, he pointed out that today’s system partners have created jobs for more than 1700 people and created value for 73 thousand customers, and 58% of the top companies and 68% of companies listed on the Iranian stock exchange are customers of the system partners. This issue has led to the selection of this company in 1999 as the two hundred and twenty-eighth top company in Iran.

The share of system partners from key industries is now as follows:

  • 66% of companies in the petrochemical industry and petroleum products
  • 71% of cement industry companies
  • 69% of companies in the ceramic tile industry
  • 58% of food industry companies
  • 53% of pharmaceutical companies
  • 38% of component manufacturing companies

Mohammad Azizollahi, Managing Director of System Partners at the 1400th Annual Meeting

Azizollahi, referring to the activities of the software market of the organizational software of the system partners called “Bazaar”, said that this platform has 12 partners who have uploaded 56 products on “Bazaar” so far. Referring to the situation of other products of the company, he said that the product of cloud solutions has more than two thousand customers and has been growing in the last two years.

The network of system partners, according to the CEO of this company, includes the following sections:

  • 34 companies under license
  • 6 provincial companies
  • 110 sales representatives and establishment of cloud solutions
  • 12 allied companies
  • 7 support companies
  • 200 sales associates
  • 2 under provincial license
  • 12 product development partners
  • 330 representatives of Sepidar and Dasht

He also pointed out that the Lighthouse Partner system architecture is an up-to-date technology that makes each user interface of the company’s products easier to provide to the customer and makes it possible to develop products on it so that it can be used stably with mobile or any other device. Work on this system started last year and will be released this winter, and all Rahkaran customers will be transferred to it.

Azizollahi added that the system partners program is to provide a complete and comprehensive response to the market, and since the market is constantly developing and growing, the scope of activities of this company will increase accordingly. In fact, colleagues are considering a “product leadership” system among several strategies for their future. This strategy means that the company, with every product and in every market it enters, must be the market leader in increasing its share and up-to-date technology and adding new capabilities.

Accordingly, System Partners intends to enter new markets in the fields of steel, home appliances, retail and the public sector with a web-based solution. Subsystems of system partners currently include Farsan, Cloud Solutions, Piofy, Abramad, Dasht, Sepidar, Speeds, Delino, SarvCRM, and Public Sector Solutions. Regarding the operation of the Delino food ordering platform, the CEO of System Partners says that there are more than 400 restaurants in Delino. He points to the platform’s satisfactory performance despite being a serious competitor in the market, noting that more than a thousand daily orders were placed in Delino during the corona holiday delivery, indicating that a good future awaits the industry.

The CEO of System Partners also pointed out the importance of financial transparency of the parent company and the subsidiaries of System Partners, intending to take advantage of the opportunity to enter the stock market to move companies towards transparency. Another news that was announced at the ceremony was that the system partners are considering the creation of their own data center so that it can offer its services on this platform.

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