Sweeney’s team strongly criticizes the increase in App Store fees: Apple imposes unjustified rules on developers

Since yesterday, Apple has increased the cost of the App Store in all regions and countries that use the euro as an official currency, due to the decrease in the value of the euro against the US dollar. Tim Sweeney, the CEO of Epic Games and one of the most serious critics of Apple, has claimed that the iPhone manufacturer has no clear justification for increasing prices. The company managed by Tim Sweeney is currently engaged in a legal battle with Apple.

to report McRumorsIn a statement, Sweeney compared Apple to a landlord whose tenant has nowhere to go. In fact, he said that developers are forced to use the App Store and must obey the rules that Apple imposes on them.

Tim Sweeney says, “Imagine a building owner telling a small business tenant that they have to increase fees, with no explanation, and when the tenant has nowhere else to go. This is what Apple does to developers just to increase their profits. Apple unilaterally imposes price increases on developers in several countries without justifiable reason. “Developers have no choice but to comply because the App Store is the only way they can reach over a billion iOS users.”

Apple announced the price hike in the App Store last month and said that developers have three weeks to adjust to the new rules. App Store fees for developers are based on subscription plans. In its recent action, Apple has increased the price of all default plans. The cheapest plan, which used to cost 0.99 euros, is now available for 1.19 euros. On the other hand, the price of the most expensive plan has increased from 999 euros to 1,199 euros. Full details at Apple’s official website Is visible.

In addition to Euro-dependent countries, Apple has said it will also increase App Store fees for developers based in Chile, Egypt, Japan, Malaysia, Pakistan, Poland, South Korea, Sweden and Vietnam. Apple says that developers based in countries that rely on the euro could impose increased costs on users.

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Epic Games and Apple have long been involved in a heated legal battle over App Store policies. The company managed by Tim Sweeney violated the rules of the App Store and added a direct payment port to the Fortnite game, and as a result, Fortnite was removed from the Apple online store. In response to this action by Apple, Epic Games launched a legal case and hoped that with the court’s ruling, the operation of various stores in iOS would be mandatory.

The lawsuit did not end in favor of Epic Games and the court judge did not require Apple to support various stores. The two companies in question are now going through the process of reviewing the case, and at the same time, Apple is struggling with legal issues in several countries due to App Store policies. As a result of these cases, Apple may be forced to provide the possibility of sideloading applications (sideload) in iOS.

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