Surface Pro 9 is Microsoft’s most repairable tablet

Microsoft’s previous Surface Pros have received low repairability scores from iFixit, but surprisingly, the Redmond-based tech giant has taken a different tack with the recently launched Surface Pro 9. The tablet’s internals are easy to access, but there are still things Microsoft could have fixed without too much effort.

In previous Surface Pro models, Microsoft used very strong adhesive to keep the screen and battery in the device chassis, but now you can separate the Surface Pro 9 screen by applying a little heat. In the back part of the device, there is an SSD with the ability to replace easily and without the need for tools; Of course, this SSD has unusual dimensions and you may not be able to get it easily from the market.

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In its dissection video, iFixit took apart the Surface Pro 9 screen without much difficulty and using only a few tools. When looking at the internals of the device, we can see that Microsoft has used a fan to cool the components, which helps to keep the temperature of the tablet lower when performing heavy tasks. According to iFixit, Microsoft could have used a larger battery in this product because there is enough space for it.

WccfTech He writes, maybe the reason for using a smaller battery in Surface Pro 9 was to save the cost of parts or reduce the weight of this device. Fortunately, it is also possible to easily replace the battery, and this part is only attached to the device with screws instead of glue. If users feel that the CPU temperature rises over time, it is possible to easily apply new thermal paste to the CPU. Overall, iFixit gave the tablet a repairability score of 7 out of 10 and says that Microsoft will provide parts in the future that users can use to repair their device.

It seems that Microsoft has put a lot of effort into the Surface Pro 9 to make it possible to repair it, and we hope that future models of this device will continue to be improved in this way. One of the positive changes that this company can implement in the next generation Serofis Pro is the use of a larger battery and a standard SSD.

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