Subscribers of mobile shuttle SIM cards will receive an Eid every day during the 13 days of Eid

According to the public relations of Shuttle Mobile, all subscribers of this operator will receive 60 to 100 minutes of calls as an Eid gift. In addition, during Nowruz festival, Shuttle Mobile gives its subscribers an internet package or amazing discount codes on a daily basis for 13 days.

Shuttle Mobile is the only mobile phone operator in Iran that provides the possibility of automatic connection to the network of all three radio network operators in the country for its SIM card subscribers and by continuously analyzing the existing networks in the geographical location of the subscribers, the highest quality radio network in each region. chooses in a completely intelligent way. All Mobile Shuttle subscribers can manually change the host network of their SIM card at the moment by dialing the command code *1*8 or through the internet management of their Mobile Shuttle account, while inquiring about the name of the host radio network, or the smart network selection feature. reactivate

Interested to get more information about Shuttle mobile smart SIM cardchoosing and buying rand and normal numbers, in addition to the possibility of visiting more than 4000 sales centers and after-sales services of Shuttle Mobile throughout the country, through Mobile shuttle online store Or call 09981000000.

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