Stunning portraits of rare and endangered birds

Team Sky Is a London-based artist known for his work with endangered species and rare dogs and birds. Relying on its prolific collection of works, Falak continues to photograph the most intriguing, colorful, and sensitive birds around the world. These portraits connect the viewer and the birds, creating a deep connection between the human and animal realms.

Some of the most recent topics in the sky are: the Inca Swallow and the Toucan Toko (Giant Toucan). The Inca breed has a distinct white mustache that gives the bird a strange smile that seems to extend to its dark eyes. Falak wrote on his Instagram that the Inca race is for him Salvador Dali The world of birds.

  Rare and endangered birdsInca Swallow

  Rare and endangered birdsTokan Toku

In contrast to Inca’s charming laughter, Toucan Toko’s colorful geometry and strong gaze are a manifestation of power. As you can see in the constellation image of toucan chicks, toucan chicks begin their life with feathers much smaller than their adult bird.

  Rare and endangered birdsChicken Toucan

  Rare and endangered birdsKhorososangi And

These sensory portraits of birds can well evoke eye contact and empathy in humans. Falak has published five books of animal photographs, including stunning creatures such as horses, pandas, and penguins. Although viewers may be able to see the reflection of human emotions in the faces and gestures of these animal subjects, Falak hopes for something more than this one-way connection.

  Rare and endangered birdsWhite owl

His work promotes a paradigm shift from anthropomorphism (a humanistic interpretation of any concept or thing that does not necessarily have a human character or form) to a rejection of humanism (man is the source of all values). Can humans get out of the spotlight among living things? Can we go beyond simply attributing our emotions to animals and consider the unique experiences of other species as important as our own? While we may see human emotions in stunning bird portraits, what else is there to see when we try to leave “humanity” behind?

  Rare and endangered birdsWheelbarrow Reed

  Rare and endangered birdsGentoo penguin dive

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Bird portraits are full of emotion. Viewers often tend to portray animals as human by attributing their emotions. Falak hopes that his work will create a connection between humans and other members of the animal kingdom. By doing so, he wants to help decentralize human experiences and open our minds to explore how we relate to other animals and their experiences on Earth.

  Rare and endangered birdsCactus Himalayas

  Rare and endangered birdsJacobin Pigeon

  Rare and endangered birdsLong beak

  Rare and endangered birdsHorned chicken

  Rare and endangered birdsPolish silver rooster

  Rare and endangered birdsNicobar pigeon

  Rare and endangered birdsCockatoo parrot

To see more pictures of endangered birds and other animals, you can visit the Falak team’s Instagram page.


We hope you enjoy this part of the shutter. What is your opinion about the photographer’s purpose for his bird portraits? Are you also interested or accustomed to animal anthropology? Do you think that avoiding anthropology and anthropocentrism will lead to a more complete view of animals?

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