Steve Wozniak: By buying Tesla, you realize that artificial intelligence can lead to human death

Steve Wozniak, has raised very harsh words against Tesla. In one of his recent interviews, he argued that Tesla’s efforts to provide self-driving car technology have made driving extremely unsafe.

In an interview with CNN, Wazniak stated: “If you want to deal with the claims that “Artificial intelligence will kill humans. Get to know more, just buy a Tesla car.”

While it may seem a little wrong to compare AI chatbots to the dangers of self-driving cars at this stage, the Apple founder has made an important point because by using said technology, you are allowing Tesla to take control of the car.

Wozniak He has long been a critic of Tesla’s Autopilot software, arguing that the performance of this technology is far from Tesla’s claims.

Mask 2013 Wozniak convinced him to buy a Tesla Model S and promised that the car would drive autonomously across the country by 2016. Wazniak says Tesla’s self-driving software could kill the occupants. In another part of his speech, he stated: “I really believed in self-driving technology, but this technology is not even close to reality right now.”

the talks Wozniak It is true to some extent because we have seen many fatal accidents caused by Tesla’s self-driving system over the past years.

to report FuturismIn 2021, the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration announced that it has begun an investigation into Tesla and fatal accidents caused by the company’s self-driving system.

Last year, it was also reported that the United States Department of Justice is investigating two accidents related to Tesla’s Autopilot system. It should be noted that these accidents led to the death of passengers.

Despite Tesla’s controversial marketing and repeated promises MaskIn 2023, the company’s cars still cannot drive fully automatically, and the driver must always look at the road and take control of the car whenever needed.

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