Steam shell installation tutorial in Windows 10

In Windows 10, you can use skins to change the user interface and style of the Steam client to what you like. To do this, you must first download your favorite Steam skin. In order to use the Steam shell, you need to find it on the Internet. To find the best Steam skins, we suggest you visit

Download skins for Steam

To view the most popular skins uploaded to the website, on the tab Popular Click at the top of the web page. Other tabs are: Anime, Clean, Colors, Dark, Light and Soft. Depending on your interests, open one of the tabs to see the skin you want in that theme.

After selecting a tab, you will see a list of available skins. On each shell page, you will find a description of the shell and its information, a history of how the shell has changed over time, or a combination of these.

Keep in mind that some of these skins may have bugs. For example, performance in some skins Big Picture Mode Steam does not have a button and you may have to go to the menu instead View go.

Once you have selected the desired skin, in the middle of the screen just above Related Skins Minister Installation Instructions go. Option to use Direct Download Or External Download You will see.

Download skins for Steam

We suggest using External Download; Because this way you can download the latest version of the skin directly from the creator of the skin. This makes it more likely that your favorite skin is a new version that is compatible with the latest Steam updates.

Create Skins folder

Once you have downloaded the file, you must create a new folder for the shells you have just downloaded before extracting the ZIP. First open File Explorer and go to C: Program Files (x86) Steam See (Where to install your Steam app). Right-click on an empty folder space and New> Folder Choose.

Download skins for Steam

Type the name Skins and press Enter. If you make a mistake, rename the folder to Skins.

Extract Steam Skin file

Click on the ZIP file of the Steam shell you downloaded, and Extract All Choose. When you are in the file extraction page, tap Browse Click and C: Program Files (x86) Steam skins Find (the folder you just created). Continued, on Select folder Click to start extracting the ZIP file.

Download skins for Steam

Once the extraction is complete, you can delete the ZIP file; Because you will not need it anymore; Unless you want to reinstall it on another device later. Finally, it should be in the settings Steam Select.

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When all the files have been moved to the Skins folder, open the Steam client. In the upper left, click Steam And then Settings click. In the following, Interface Select from the sidebar. Sliding on the menu Select the skin you wish Steam to use Click and select the skin you want to use.

Download skins for Steam

After confirmation, Steam will ask you to restart its client. After rebooting, log in to your account to see your new skin.

Download skins for Steam

Depending on the skins you choose to use, you may encounter incompatibility issues. For example, with the Plexed skin selected in our article, the Steam store page looks quite desirable; But when we tried to boot the library section, the page was blank. If the update is for a theme for 2018 or earlier, it probably won’t show your library. to section External Download Go to to find the latest version of the skin you are looking for. You can also do a Google search for it.

How to restore the default Steam shell?

Whenever you change your mind and want to go back to the standard Steam skin, Settings Open and then tap Interface click. From below the menu Select the skin you wish Steam to use Optional default skin Choose.

Download skins for Steam

Roy OK Click and then restart the Steam client. After that, everything should be back to normal.

We hope you find this tutorial useful. You can share your questions and experiences about installing Steam skin in Windows 10 with us and other Zomit users.

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