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Thrill-seekers use every situation on the trip to increase the level of adrenaline in their blood. People who are looking for peace also experience peace in the heart of nature. Those people who are very interested in historical monuments also see historical sights in their desired destination. Therefore, by giving the gift of travel, you will please the audience with any taste.

Alibaba travel credit card in any of its services

You can use the credit available in Alibaba travel cards for any of the tourism services available on this site. With these special Alibaba cards, you will have a fast, safe and most convenient travel experience inside Iran or abroad. It is possible to buy train, plane and bus tickets through these cards, and the choice of travel method is completely dependent on your taste.

You will probably need a place to stay during the trip. You may want to stay in a resort or opt for villas with the highest floor area. You can even stay in luxury or non-star hotels. So book a place to stay using these Alibaba cards.

Order travel card for startups

According to the mentioned features about the travel card of Alibaba, you are probably thinking of ordering it. So, if you want to make your startup members or special customers happy by donating these cards as corporate gifts, you should order a travel card from Alibaba in one of the following ways:

  • Registering the application on the website of the collection by completing the travel card application form
  • Send the necessary information to
  • Contact the numbers on the site and communicate with the sales team to place an order

For customers of Alibaba travel cards, this company has provided different services for printing these cards, and you can use the company’s printing services exclusively. For example, putting your company logo on the card will make it the best advertising and marketing tool for you. It is also possible to print travel cards in large numbers and you can order these travel gift cards for your team members, special customers and startup partners.

Recipients of Alibaba Travel Card

Despite the features that we have said, the question arises for you, who are the contacts of Alibaba travel cards? Now is the time to get to know the loyal customers of your collection. By getting to know these people and giving this gift, you show that their presence is valuable to you. By giving these travel points to old customers, you will make them proud of choosing you to buy.

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