Starlink Premium Space X price and Starlink Premium download speed

Starlink SpaceX satellite internet service is the company’s ambitious project Ilan Mask Has made headlines many times and is pursuing ambitious goals. It seems that SpaceX has recently made the premium plan available to customers.

By’s Sunnah, Ilan Mask’s point was first mentioned in a tweet. Starlink Premium is a service that has a wider scanning angle than the standard Starlink service, and its fuzzy array range is twice as wide.

According to the official Starlink website, the premium SpaceX satellite internet plan achieves faster download speeds than the standard model (150 to 500 Mbps) and a delay of 20 to 40 milliseconds. SpaceX says Starlink Premium is designed to withstand the harshest weather conditions.

Starlink Premium dish on the roof

Starlink Premium costs $ 500 a month; The standard plan comes at a cost of $ 99 per month. Those who are interested can now place an order for Starlink Premium. According to SpaceX, this service will be delivered to buyers in 2022.

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SpaceX started the global work of Starlink satellites in 2020, and according to Ilan Musk, the company has been able to deliver 100,000 units of this service to its customers around the world. Starlink, a high-speed broadband Internet service, relies on a network of interconnected satellites. These satellites are located in low-Earth orbit (below normal satellites) and can move very fast in space and transmit data to the world in a short time.

Starlink Premium dish and router / Starlink Premium SpaceX

SpaceX says Starlink Premium buyers will have access to VIP customer service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Also, Starlink Premium performs better in the event of potential outages and is an unlimited service. SpaceX says Starlink Premium is the best option for businesses and users who rely heavily on the Internet.

Starlink Premium Plan includes a $ 500 down payment and a $ 2,500 kit that includes satellite antenna, WiFi router, stand, and cable. Starlink Premium users will receive advanced satellites.

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