Spotify, one of the oldest studios, is closing its podcast

Podcast content has recently become more popular than ever, and big tech companies are competing. Spotify has also invested heavily in the industry and bought several large studios. However, it seems that the world music streaming giant is planning to close Studio 4, one of the most important podcast studios, in a strange move.

Verge reports that Spotify has told staff in the related department that Studio 4 will be closed after January 21st. In fact, this is not the only Spotify podcast studio; But many of the important programs of this company are produced in the mentioned studio. The report states that the company’s employees are shocked by this action and some of them have been appointed or fired in other positions.

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So far, Spotify has declined to comment on the reason for Studio 4’s closure, saying only in an internal memo that Spotify has made the decision to help keep the company moving forward. Most employees seem to be very angry and dissatisfied with this.

It is not clear what will happen to the studio’s production plans; But it is possible that some of them will not be canceled. For example, the official Twitter account of the Dissect podcast has announced that the podcast will not be canceled and will continue to play as usual on Spotify.

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