Split duct disadvantages and advantages

You are definitely familiar with some of the air conditioners available in the markets of Iran; But you should know that the air conditioner industry has faced various developments in recent years, and this has led to the supply of new products to the country’s markets. One of the products that has been able to enjoy a lot of popularity in the markets of Iran. Lack of split duct Gary Is. Kasti air conditioner is known as one of the popular air conditioners, which is a full-fledged product. If you are also planning to buy such a product, you should definitely know a lot about it.

Split duct deficiency What is?

Split duct deficiency It is also very similar to other cooling systems. Inadequate cooler Like other products, it consists of two separate parts. Most people who use this air conditioner install it in the false ceiling of their homes, and the inner panel of this model of air conditioners is connected to the outside with copper connectors. The efficiency of this product is excellent and one of the important factors that caused its sales to increase is the distribution of cool air in many spaces.

Based on the research, this product is mostly used in welfare centers. This does not mean that air conditioners are not suitable for homes; but its lower capacity can also be used in homes; Because such centers have many spaces, which makes them need a strong cooling system to cool this space. as a result, Split duct deficiency It is known as the best possible option that you can use for the mentioned locations.

Types of shortfall splits

One of the important points when buying Split duct deficiency You should pay attention to it, checking the types of this product. As you know, Gray company offers its products in various types to the country’s markets every year; Therefore, knowing the variety of this product allows you to use it easily.

In the first type Split duct deficiencyWe are witnessing the production of a product with hot and cold wind. Such products can create favorable weather in winter and summer. This means that the air conditioner produces cool air in summer and warm air in winter.

The second variation in these products includes different capacities of this air conditioner. This means that you should get this product according to your needs. Do not forget that the size you are looking for will have a direct effect on the capacity of the cooler. Usually production Shortcoming air conditioner It is more popular in capacities of 18,000, 24,000, 36,000, etc.

being an inverter Split duct deficiency It is also one of the factors that all buyers pay attention to. Note that inverter coolers are more expensive due to their price optimization; But due to very little consumption, they can be known as a suitable option and avoid high consumption costs.

Duct Split 2

Creating a stylish space with split gray duct

Advantages of Split Duct

Definitely one of the factors that caused the sale Split duct deficiency More than other splits, there are many advantages of this product. As we said, the place to install this product is on the roof of the house; As a result, you can easily set your air conditioner with different components of your house or place and create a more stylish atmosphere.

Optimal and appropriate use of your space is also one of the main benefits Split duct deficiency Are. It is not bad to know that most air conditioners are often installed standing or in other ways; But Split duct deficiency It is not like this and it will be installed on the roof of your house; Therefore, you can enjoy much better wind chill.

Also, this product can spread the cool wind in more space of your place. If you buy four-way split ducts, the wind distribution will be more; Therefore, the excellent efficiency of this product can also be recognized as one of its main advantages. Note that this product is much better quality compared to other competitors.

Split duct 3

Types of duct splits

Purchase of Gray Co.’s Split Duct

In the days when people are interested in shopping Split duct deficiency More and more, it is natural for many centers to enter the market of this product. Some stores have the necessary credit in this field. In recent years, our store has been recognized as one of the top sellers of Kasti air conditioners. Having different titles in this field and a lot of work experience, Irani store has been able to supply these products at the best possible price. You can also rely on our credit to easily get the product you want. Don’t forget that buying Split Duct from our collection allows you to benefit from exceptional services.

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