Speed ​​performance report in 1401

A summary of Speed ​​1401’s performance report

Speed, in its 1401 report, announced that sending goods in this system in 1401 compared to 1400, has grown by more than 229.7%.

The largest number of shipments sent by the Speed ​​system in one day was 5,748, and the most shipped goods were cosmetics and pharmacies.

9,700,000,000,000 rials was the value of goods transferred in the speed system in 1401. Meanwhile, 27% of all requests benefited from the payment service at Speed’s location.

Spade ambassadors in 1401 made up 60% of the population of the Spade family, of which 68% were engaged in constant cooperation with Spade. Also, the highest number of packages delivered by an ambassador in one day was 274 parcels.

Speed ​​customers

The companies that had the largest number of shipments in 1401 by Speed ​​Company were Digikala, Liatim, Novin Leather, Beauty Code and DigiP, respectively.

The number of customers who have used Speed ​​services is 1,469,155, and the highest number of requests by a customer was 136.

Support users

According to the information obtained from rating the performance of the ambassadors and the phone call after the delivery of the package (Happy Call), the satisfaction level of Speed ​​customers was 96 percent.

During the year 1401, Speed ​​Company had 166,518 incoming calls and 133,456 outgoing calls by the customer relations department, the duration of these calls was 97,980 minutes.

All 22 districts of Tehran are covered by Speed ​​and the collection of customer packages is done for free and you will be able to receive the organizational panel and API to register orders.

Before sending the package, the time frame and delivery code will be sent to the customer via SMS, and the authentication system and services related to securities can also be used. Also, the cost of the package or the shipping fee can be paid on the spot. Sender) is done instantly and without intermediaries.

Transfer and delivery of packages in Speed ​​is done in the form of same day delivery and in two time frames: 9 to 15 and 15 to 21. Based on this, 63% of the sent packages were delivered between 9 and 15 and 37% between 15 and 21.

Your trust product is covered by speed insurance until the moment it is delivered to the customer, and in case of any possible damage, 100% of the value of the package will be compensated at the moment. In 1401, this compensation was less than 2% of all orders sent.

To download the full report file to This link See.

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