Spectacular pictures of the reaction of a baby hippopotamus to the birds that want to help him

About a year and a half ago, this Swiss photographer was pointing his Nikon DSLR D3s and 500mm f/4 lens towards a group of hippos when suddenly a group of birds decided to pounce on the youngest member of the group.

“I was focusing on a group of hippos when I suddenly saw a baby hippo running towards me with a group of pursuers,” says Moll. When the hippo started screaming, I started shooting. The child ran to his mother and twisted from side to side trying to destroy the attackers.

At first, the photographer did not understand what happened and was surprised that the baby hippo was running towards him. It took Mark a few seconds to realize that a small flock of tick-eating birds was to blame for the hippo’s fear and running. Mark says it was a lot of fun to witness.

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