Specialization or generalism? Introducing the book “Range”

Introducing parts of the book

The book “Domain” has 12 chapters, which together with the introduction and conclusion, make up 340 pages. In the following, we will introduce three of these 14 chapters, i.e. the introduction, chapter 1 and chapter 2 of the book, with a short descriptive presentation.

Introduction section

Epstein’s other book is called “Sports Gene” and when I started reading “Domain”, I quickly realized that the author is very interested in sports; Because many of the examples mentioned in the book are related to sports. In the introduction of this book, we read how society’s commitment to the specialization of our professional lives can destroy our lives. Also, we see how the sparks of writing the book “The Domain” were ignited in Epstein’s mind.

Part I: Early Start Culture

At the beginning of this chapter, Epstein tells the story of a Hungarian man named Laszlo Polgar explains that he decides to train his children from childhood and prepare them to achieve great honors in the field of chess. Result? László’s first daughter, Suzanne, did not lose a single race at the age of 4 and won the under-11 competition.

At the age of 17, Susan became the first woman to enter the men’s chess tournament. In 1991, at the age of 21, she became the first woman to win the title of “Grandmaster” in the men’s tournament.

If we want to talk about all the honors of Susan Polgar, you will be bored. If you ask then Why does Epstein give such an example? It should be said that by examining this issue, the author wants to raise a very important question:

And he says in response:

Part II: How was the evil world built?

In the second chapter of the book “Scope”, Epstein mentions how gaining expertise can mean becoming one-dimensional in many cases by bringing real, captivating and detailed examples. In other words, when faced with problems, the more limited and repetitive the problem is, the more likely it is to be solved simply and in a repetitive way; But the real prize goes to someone who can take abstract knowledge from a domain or problem and implement it in a new domain.


As a semi-expert with about 4 years of work experience in a single field, reading the sentence on the cover of the domain book, I asked myself: “How is it possible?” Is being a jack-of-all-trades really better than being a specialist? I have to read this book.” What Epstein means by this sentence is not that if you become an expert and follow a path, you will not succeed; Rather, he is trying to tell us not to “feel retarded” and “not to feel threatened” if we are still not experts at something.

The author wants to tell us that The thinking of “success = becoming an expert” has lost its old effectiveness Is And today’s society also needs a generalist person. After reading the book “Field”, we come to the conclusion that becoming a specialist and being one-dimensional as our fathers and mothers left in our minds is not desirable, and acquiring additional knowledge in different fields can help us a lot in reaching perfection in the same specialty. .

In the end, reading this book led me to the conclusion that I am neither an expert nor a pure generalist, but a Jack of all trades and master of someIt can be the best choice!

If you have also read this book, share your opinion with us and other Zomit users.

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