Speaker: The Innovation and Prosperity Fund has no right to conduct banking operations

The Speaker of the Islamic Consultative Assembly today, January 29, during the review of the plan to jump in the production of knowledge-based people, acknowledged that the Innovation and Prosperity Fund has no right to conduct any banking operations and that their banking activities are against the law.

According to the House of Nation, Mohammad Bagher Ghalibaf He added that in the past few years, some financial and credit institutions have been formed, which, despite not being allowed to operate in the banking sector, have been doing banking and creating money, causing many problems for the country. Qalibaf added that the central bank had a law in this regard that was short against these companies and did not stop their banking activities; This issue caused 36 thousand billion tomans to be paid from the treasury to compensate the damages of the pension funds. Qalibaf said:

It should be noted that the Innovation and Prosperity Fund, which is a new work of governance in the field of technology, has only the authority to receive its documents; If in the plan to support cyberspace users, we were looking for brands to be credible in cyberspace and to be used by banks like other real estate licenses. So if you agree to grant this authority today, it does not mean that the technology and prosperity funds have the right to banking and any banking activity by them is against and is at the disposal of the central bank, and this fund only uses the privilege that the text of its contract with Companies and projects should be committed, and if they complain, the judiciary should do the same as other banks. Hence the funds can never do any banking operations.

The Innovation and Prosperity Fund acts as a financier of knowledge-based companies with the aim of helping to realize and develop the knowledge-based economy. The fund’s grants include grants, subsidies, facilities, payment of all or part of the benefits of related facilities and penalties, various warranty services, and participation and investment in innovation and technology projects using deposits, attracting and directing resources of banks, credit institutions and funds. It becomes.

In today’s session of the parliament, the amount of three thousand billion tomans was added to the current capital of the Innovation and Prosperity Fund with the aim of supporting the knowledge-based economy and considering the significant jump in the number of knowledge-based companies in the country.

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