South Korea surpasses China in terms of investment in the semiconductor industry

US chip-making equipment suppliers including Lam Research Corp, Applied Materials Inc and KLA Corp are expected to lose a significant portion of their revenue due to the government’s restrictions against China. Chip industries are very important in the competition for economic and political dominance because of the demand for advanced chips Artificial intelligence and self-driving vehicles are also on the rise, as are other high-end technologies. For example, chatbots ChatGPT uses tens of thousands of Nvidia A100 chips; A product whose sale to China is prohibited.

Realizing the high importance of the chip industry and the growing concerns of the United States, South Korea is now focusing on establishing chip factories in its country. the president of this country Yoon Seok Yeol Earlier this month, it announced that it will soon start investing in the construction of a chip production chain in southern Seoul, and Samsung has also pledged to invest 230 billion dollars in this area over the next two decades. The Korean tech giant is also building a new semiconductor plant in Texas to expand its chip business, especially in the US market.

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