Sony is really gearing up to introduce a cloud gaming console

For example, Sony’s senior business intelligence analyst will work on analyzing the cloud gaming experience. The Security Architect will also focus on the business of future technologies and cloud gaming. In fact, Sony’s goal is to provide access to cloud games to millions of people through different devices.

Many of Sony’s new job postings show that the company is looking for people in California; Where it is considered the former home of Gaikai. Gaikai was one of the cloud gaming pioneers that Sony acquired a decade ago. Sony Future Technologies Group seems to be a new name for managers and engineers working in this sector. This unit was formerly known as Cloud Gaming Engineering and Infrastructure (CGEI). Some of Sony’s required jobs refer to Australia, which indicates that the Japanese brand’s cloud gaming service will probably be offered in this country.

written by VergeSony job overview shows that the company is working on a new hybrid cloud infrastructure in collaboration with Kubernetes and AWS.

There is currently no credible evidence that Sony will launch its new cloud gaming service anytime soon. This company is currently hiring experts to develop its vision in the field of cloud games and prepare important infrastructure to achieve this goal.

Mark SerneyThe leadership of the development team PlayStation 4 and He was in charge of the PlayStation 5 and it is possible that he will also act as the main director of Sony’s cloud gaming project.

Sony is also trying to register various patents in the field of cloud games. Some of the company’s patent certificates date back to the early days after the purchase of Gaikai, but due to the development of hardware technologies, we see Sony registering new patents in the field of gaming.

The PlayStation maker is also trying to develop solutions for sharing the GPU in several new technologies; A move that can help make cloud gaming hardware more economical. In order to provide cloud game services, this company must use powerful servers that provide the possibility of stopping and resuming games through the Internet.

If we pay attention to the news related to Sony’s Q-Lite handheld game console, it is unlikely that this product will be designed only for remote play of PlayStation 5 games through Remote Play. On the other hand, it is possible that Sony is looking to sell a new handheld game console to compensate for the poor performance of its current cloud game services.

It is also possible that Q-Lite will only be introduced as an accessory for the new PlayStation model. Maybe Sony will release this product with a multi-year PlayStation Plus subscription. The company is likely to unveil the Q-Lite as it prepares the next generation of its cloud gaming service, making it an attractive portable console with integrated controllers and a dedicated streaming interface and hardware.

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