Sony and Honda electric car with 45 internal and external cameras and focus on entertainment systems

Sony and Honda have previously said that their new electric vehicle will initially be produced at Honda’s North American plant and will offer Level 3 self-driving capabilities in limited circumstances. Level 3 means that the car can drive in situations such as traffic, but the driver must take responsibility for moving on if the system asks.

At CES 2023, Sony revealed new details about the design of the said car. In fact, the Afeela group is looking for a car that can provide fun and exciting interactive media to the passengers.

We intend to explore the possibility of how media can create a fun and exciting on-the-go interaction for passengers.Kenichiro Yoshida

According to Yoshida, the prototype is also equipped with 45 cameras and sensors inside and outside the vehicle to ensure safety and security. Sensors inside the cabin will monitor the driver’s condition to prevent accidents.

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