Some Zen 4-based Zen 4-based Genoa X and Bergamo server processor specifications leaked

AMD has not yet officially announced the Zen 4 or EPYC 9004-based Genoa server processor series. This series of processors is divided into three families: EPYC Genoa with the same architecture, EPYC Bergamo with Zen 4c architecture, and EPYC Genoa X with V-Cache. The naming of the 9004 and 8004 series of Zen4 processors with two different sockets is as follows:

  • SP5 for 9004 series
  • SP6 for 8004

AMD’s new server processor series will have between 8 and 128 cores; But its 112 and 128 core configurations are only used in Bergamo server processors with Zen 4 architecture. In fact, the only way to tell Genoa and Bergamo server processors apart is by their number of cores. The number of cores in the Genoa family is less than 96 cores. The letter X in the Genoa X family with 3D V-Cache memory is the same as the Milan X series to differentiate these processors from the P (single-socket) and F (high-frequency) server processors.

to report VideocardzYuuKi_AnS’s Twitter account, which first published the specifications of the EPYC 9004 Genoa server processors, has now revealed some specifications of the Bergamo and Genoa X families as well. The consumption power of these two series varies from 200 to 400 watts depending on the model; But it can be said with certainty that the power consumption of models with a large number of cores and high frequencies is more than 290 watts.

Currently, two models EPYC 9734 and EPYC 9754 of EPYC Bergamo server processor series are listed, EPYC 9754 is based on Zen 4c architecture and has 128 cores. This model uses a maximum of 256 MB of L3 cache memory and is boosted up to 3.2 GHz and its power consumption will be 360 ​​watts. EPYC 9734 with the same boost frequency has only 16 fewer cores and its power consumption is 40 watts less.


EPYC Genoa X server processors are divided into four models:

  • EPYC 9684X number of 96 cores and 400 watts power consumption (flagship model with 1.1 GB of L3 cache memory)
  • EPYC 9384X number of 32 cores and power consumption of 320 watts (384 MB of L3 cache memory)
  • EPYC 9284X number of 24 cores and power consumption of 320 watts (256 MB of L3 cache memory)
  • EPYC 9184X number of 16 cores and power consumption of 320 watts (192 MB of L3 cache memory)

According to AMD, there will be no Genoa-X series server processors until next year; But standard Genoa series may come in the coming months.

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