Some users report the problem of slow animations of the Galaxy S23 user interface

Series phones Galaxy S23 is one of the most advanced and feature-rich products on the market. Of course, some users are not satisfied with the performance of these phones. Some owners of these products have announced on social networks that when scrolling the screen in programs such as Twitter, WhatsApp, Reddit and YouTube, they encounter problematic animations in the user interface.

It seems that the Galaxy S23 series animation problem is not very widespread and only some users are affected by it. Also, we don’t know if the problem is related to the February 2023 security update or not. It is possible that the installation of a third-party program or another unknown factor caused the scrolling problem of the user interface of Samsung flagships. Of course, this problem has also been seen in Galaxy Store.

to report GizmochinaThe refresh rate of the Galaxy S23 series screen drops below 60Hz when using Samsung’s proprietary app store. This change makes scrolling in the store environment slower.

A problem with UI animations can create an unpleasant experience for users as people usually buy flagship phones to ensure flawless and smooth performance and have high expectations from these products. Some users say that clearing the cache, disabling the virtual RAM feature or changing the display refresh rate to 60Hz will fix the Galaxy S23 user interface animations problem.

Until now, Samsung has not officially talked about the problem of animations of the user interface of the Galaxy S23 series, especially when scrolling in some programs. However, we can be sure that the South Korean technology giant will fix this issue as soon as possible by releasing a software update.

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