Some users of the 16-inch MacBook Pro report a bug in Connecticut

The latest reports from the Reddit community indicate that some 16-inch MacBook Pro models do not charge when turned off when the Magsif connector is connected. The problem was first shared on Reddit with the release of a video by a user named Trillionaire. The video shows that the magic light, instead of turning green, flashes amber and cannot deliver energy to the Mac battery.

Meanwhile, some customers have contacted Apple support to find a solution. One user says that after constant follow-up, Apple sent support for an alternative laptop. He says about this:

So it’s not just me! I have a very similar issue. Apple dealerships tested the MacBook with the cable and charger they had, and it still had the same problem. They said they would send me a new 140 watt charger so that the problem might be solved; But they said it was most likely a firmware problem, and did not really provide any evidence of that. I went home and was called the next day after Apple. Someone called me to follow up, and they asked me a series of questions and gave me instructions for running a specific diagnostic program. After I did everything, they said they wanted to take back the MacBook and its charger and give me a brand new MacBook.

The report states that Apple support staff is investigating and says that they are aware of this issue. Apple Support recommends that users charge their MacBook in sleep mode with the door open. It is also a good idea to connect the device to the Magusif charger before fully charging. In general, if the MacBook Pro plugs into the Magsif while on and then turns off, the charger will continue to charge the Mac as expected. In fact, this problem only happens to some users when their MacBooks are completely turned off.

The amber flash of the Magsif light indicates that something is not working normally, and Apple’s support page provides steps that users can use to return Magsif to normal. On the other hand, it should be noted that this problem does not apply to USB-C charging.

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Separately, users in Apple Support Forums have reported problems using external monitors. External monitors are said to be ready to use with a delay after opening and closing on the MacBook Pro. Of course, it seems that this problem does not only affect Apple’s new notebooks, and some claim that this problem is related to Macau Mantry; Because it has been seen in other Mac computers as well.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. But given the volume of reports, it does not seem to be a common hardware problem, and Apple will probably fix it in future updates. Therefore, it is better to wait for additional reports in this regard; Because if the problem is serious, we will definitely hear more news in the coming days.

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