Some owners of Google Pixel 6 report a gyroscope sensor problem

Google recently unveiled the Pixel 6 family of smartphones with a new design language. The most important difference between these phones and the previous generation is the use of a tensor chip, which is in fact the first personalized Google SoC for smartphones. In general, Montenegro’s latest smartphones are experiencing significant changes compared to the previous generation, which can encourage many people to buy.

However, immediately after the launch of these phones, users on the Internet reported a flood of problems that seemed to be gripping the Pixel 6 family. For example, some users encountered problems with the fingerprint scanner, followed by network problems and screen breakage. These problems do not seem to be complete; This is because new reports have been published in the Reddit community that show that users have trouble turning the screen automatically.

This problem is explained by the fact that the auto-rotate screen does not work on some 6-pixel phones and is thought to be related to gyroscope sensors. Studies have apparently shown that gyroscope and accelerometer sensors do not return any data to component health testing programs such as the Sensor Test. Apparently, the compass sensor also does not work and does not transmit any data.

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However, some other sensors such as barometer, proximity, magnetometer and optical sensors work well. At this time, Google has not released a statement on this matter and there is no trick or solution to fix it; But it is always possible to restart the device to fix some bugs and problems.

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