Some Mac users report bugs in the Time Machine interface

Reports in Apple User Forums indicate that Apple’s proprietary backup interface, called Time Machine, has a bug in Monterey 12.0.1 or Big Sur 11.6 versions of Apple’s desktop operating system that has caused some users to become dissatisfied. This problem seems to occur when the machine team runs its first backup after installing Mac OS X / Big Head or updating the operating system to the latest released version.

A description of this problem states that Time Machine displays a message waiting for the first backup to complete; But suddenly it reports the oldest version and the latest backup as “None” and then does not announce whether the initial backup was successful or not. One user says about this:

On my new device with the M1 MAX chip and the Monterey 12.0.1 operating system, it was impossible to start a new one (transfer data from the previous device) and complete the first backup process. I tested two newly formatted and encrypted APFS drives, one mechanical and one SSD. The backup takes a few hours, and finally the message “Status is waiting for the first backup to complete” is displayed.

Another user in the Reddit forum says:

I have exactly the same problem and I have been dealing with it for a week now. Time Machine runs its first backup and then it appears that it has not backed up at all. There are screenshots; But no file is found in the finder and other computers do not recognize the machine time to transfer the backup.

A member of the MacRumors netnative community reports:

I wish I had searched the forums sooner. I wasted many hours troubleshooting through two reinstallations with three different SSDs. My problem with car timing is that it backs up; But there is no announcement about their completion. Also, the finder does not show any files on the SSD. However, the Get Info section reports gigabytes of disk space.

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Meanwhile, some users report that they have solved the problem by running the first backup in “Safe mode”; But apparently this does not apply to everyone. It is speculated that this problem may be due to an unspecified change to the APFS format that Apple has silently implemented in recent versions of macOS. However, it is not yet clear what the main reason is.

It is said that Apple has fixed the latest beta version of macOS 12.1 with many reported bugs, such as problems with the Magsif port, connection to external displays, etc., and this bug may also be fixed in the final version. Apple’s operating system software problems usually resolve quickly within one to two weeks; So we have to wait and see when the Cupertinos fix the bug related to the car’s time.

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