Some Google employees found out about their dismissal after scanning their badges

A Google spokesperson didn’t fully accept what the fired employees were saying, telling Insider that all employees at the New York office must scan their badges as they walk through the front door to enter the office.

A former Google employee, who witnessed the unsuccessful attempt of one of his colleagues to enter the New York office, announced that day that he noticed that the number of guards had increased. He says there are usually only two guards in front of the elevator, but on Friday he saw four or five.

Another employee who was recently fired from Google told Insider that on his way to the Chicago office, he realized that two of his team members, who were unable to enter the office, had actually been fired.

An informed source has also announced that Google’s security guards told the employees to hand over their badges to the company separately on the morning of the dismissal.

Sundar PichaiGoogle’s CEO wrote in a memo addressed to employees, 12 thousand employees, which is about 6% of the company’s total workforce, have been fired.

One of Google’s software engineers, whose name was on the list of 12,000 recently fired by this company, described being fired via email as being slapped. Another one of these people said that he was unable to control his shaking hands after learning about his dismissal. Google is still hiring new workers, but those who have been laid off will have to apply from scratch like everyone else if they want to.

The mass layoff of thousands of Google employees sent shock waves throughout the company. In a tense meeting on Monday, Google employees asked the company’s managers to return mental safety to the workplace and asked whether their bonuses and salary increases would be stopped or not.

Of course, Google is not the only company that has fired a large number of its employees en masse due to inflation in the global economy. Microsoft and Amazon also laid off thousands of employees this month, and data from the site shows that more than 553,000 people will be laid off from various companies in 2023.

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