Solving the problem of not receiving emails in Outlook

If after the mentioned steps your Outlook status is still offline, maybe the problem is related to your internet connection. To check, try opening a web page in your browser. If you can’t access the internet at all, reset your Wi-Fi network. For this purpose, unplug the modem and reconnect it after at least two minutes. After restarting the network, check your internet connection again. If you still do not have internet access, it is recommended to contact your internet service provider.

Restart Outlook

If your internet connection is established and stable; But you still don’t receive new emails in Outlook, close and reopen the program. You can’t do this by simply closing the Outlook window; Because the background services of this program will still be running. Use Task Manager to make sure this software is completely closed.

1. Click on Start and then type Task Manager.

2. In the search results, click Task Manager.

3. Click on Microsoft Outlook and press End Task.

4. Finally, launch Outlook again.

Detailed review of Outlook rules

Maybe this issue is not so common; But sometimes it can cause problems. If you have configured Outlook to automatically process emails with your custom rules, the email in question may have been triggered and processed automatically; For this reason, instead of the Inbox folder, it is placed in another folder.

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