Snap’s explanation about removing the “I’m in a hurry” option

Snap’s explanation about removing the “I’m in a hurry” option

In order to remove the “I’m in a hurry” option, the public relations of Snap Internet Taxi has provided explanations to Zomit, which can be seen below:

Sometimes, during peak traffic hours, the low number of driver users and the high number of travel requests in the same area cause a long time to accept travel requests. “I’m in a hurry” option is a solution through which passenger users can increase the chance of their request being accepted and reach their destination sooner. By selecting this option, a new price will be calculated for the trip based on the algorithms set by the Snap business unit.

Snap believes that trip requests registered with the “I’m in a hurry” option in the app are sent to driver users without any distinguishing characteristics. The only feature of these requests is the higher price of the trip, which creates more motivation for the driver users and causes the trip request to be accepted sooner. It should be noted that after calculating the new price, the traveler user has the option to confirm the search based on the new price or continue the search with the same price as before.

The “I’m in a hurry” option was created according to the needs and requests of users so that the traveling user can turn his request into a trip faster if he wants to pay extra. The title of expensive sale has a legal definition; We believe that with full understanding and awareness of the nature of this option, such a relationship will no longer be given to it. A very small percentage of Snap trips are made with the “I’m in a hurry” option. On the other hand, The driver user does not realize that the passenger user has selected the “I’m in a hurry” option. In fact, the traveler user manages the time of accepting his travel request by selecting the “I’m in a hurry” option.

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Despite the removal of “I’m in a hurry”, due to the practicality and benefit of this option for both groups of users, we are still seeking to prove the functionality of this option to the relevant devices through negotiations, meetings and discussions.

Do you think removing the I’m in a hurry option was the right thing to do?

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