Small currency, smart trader’s assistant

Using artificial intelligence algorithms, Koch currency considers different keywords and separates the news related to digital currencies and shows the very important news in the order of priority and category and shows it to you, dear user, in the user panel. Koch currency trading assistant finds the most important and practical technical analysis and price action strategies and transmits them to you instantly.

Koch currency It has made the activity of traders in the financial markets easy. This platform provides you with the most important and useful information very quickly without providing useless and useless information that complicates decision making for traders..

Advantages of using Trader Assistant

Smart system currency Assistant trader is that by using different methods and information, it helps traders to catch the best possible opportunity and make transactions with a higher percentage of confidence; but how?

Koch currency can hunt the most profitable opportunity out of thousands of trading opportunities using the logic and style of Funda Action; Of course, among all the currencies and opportunities, Koch currency can offer some great opportunities to traders so that they can personalize the opportunities using their personal knowledge and strategy and then enter a position or transaction..

Koch currency

Combination of different trading styles

At financial markets There are many different styles to analyze and change market conditions, such as technical analysis, fundamental analysis, intranet analysis, news and economic data analysis, and preaction analysis; But one of the main and most practical methods, which we call funda action, is a combination of price action and fundamental analysis.

Koch currency

Features of foreign exchange trader’s assistant

One of the main concerns and problems of traders is always checking different resources and currencies, which in terms of time and energy have limitations that do not allow traders to do this work efficiently and even 99% of the time the work remains half-finished and will cause traders to suffer.

Also, in terms of financial costs, checking data and various sources will have a lot of costs; Because accessing valuable information in almost all sources requires subscription. However, by filtering these sources, Koch Currency Trader Assistant is presenting users’ information in a filtered and categorized manner..

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