Skype made all calls outside the network free for Iranian users!

Skype is Microsoft’s messaging application that enables text, phone or video calls through Internet Protocol. This platform is one of the most popular messengers in the world for making voice and video calls, which has become doubly important among users after the spread of the corona virus and people turning to work from home. Thanks to Skype and similar platforms, people can communicate with friends and relatives, advance their work projects and communicate with their colleagues.

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Using Skype text messaging is completely free, there is no cost to make free calls, both voice and video, within the same platform and between Skype accounts, but For calls outside the Skype network, users must pay via credit cards and similar methods. Therefore, this issue is not easily possible for users inside Iran, it can be said that the ability to make phone calls outside the Skype network has not been practical in Iran until this moment.

Now, according to Zomit, it seems that Microsoft has enabled the possibility of making free phone calls to numbers inside Iran, and users can make calls outside the Skype network to Iranian numbers without paying. Free call establish To use Skype’s free calling feature, just follow the steps below:

First, enter the Calls section through the bottom menu of the Skype application, and then tap on the Keypad or dialer from the bottom right corner of the screen.


At this stage, it is necessary to select the country of Iran (code 98+) from the upper part of this platform (Countries and regions), then enter the number with which you want to make a phone call, and finally, by tapping on the call sign, with Chat with the person you want.

What is your opinion about the possibility of making phone calls outside the Skype network with the help of this application for Iranian users?

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  1. It was free for one day. Skype charges 0.2 USD for every minutes of calls to Iran. It’s shame as it was very helpful to be in touch with loved ones when internet in n the country is down. These sort of money is peanuts for Microsoft. However I guess money talks always even negligible money for Microsoft.

  2. It is not free anymore. It would be a great help if they could atleast make it cheaper than what it is now, or some generous bundles perhaps.

  3. Skype was free just for a day .Such a shame. It’s all about money. It seems to me like advertisements and taking advantage of Iran’s situation as they know Iranians have to call their families in Iran directly . Why should I use Skype and pay £0.18 per minute when I can use White Calling App and pay £0.12 .

  4. Joke !!!
    I am pretty sure Microsoft helps Islamic government !!!
    They will not help Iranian people!!!
    They are all the same
    Poor people loose their rights every seconds and still politicians deals with each other and make fortunes for themselves

  5. Such a shameful move by Skype to make this free for only one day. I paid by credit one day before the announcement and yesterday it was free but it charged my credit and today there is no option at all to call for free.

  6. Thanks for the 1 day !!!! But was the point of that apart from Skype self advertisement out of the misery of the Iranian ppl?
    Shame !!!!

  7. Skype only did it for publicity. It was free only for one day and they made heaps of money from people using skype. Shame on them.

  8. Skype wanted to advertise itself to media only, they didn’t have intention to help iraniran around the world to keep in touch with their loved ones while Internet is down in Iran.

  9. Making it free for one day – it was a publicity stunt by Skype to advertise their service for calling landlines and cell phones in Iran.

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