Sky of fire; Iranian familiar brand in providing hosting services

Web-based tools, with the help of protocols, move information between systems and give meaning to communication in today’s world. Fire Sky By providing web-based services, it strengthens your connection with the outside world.

Buying hosts and domains is the first step in Internet activity

Buy hosts and domains Maybe the first step to start your business seriously in the world of the Internet. If you’ve come across this article in your search for the right brand, then you know for sure how hosts and domains work. If not, it does not matter; Because the world of the Internet today is very different from the image that movies create in our minds.

You can set up your site without knowing the technical, complex and unnecessary knowledge of all the coding content, using simple graphical interfaces and referring to reputable companies. Fire Sky The brand is a familiar Iranian name; Which has gained a good reputation among digital world activists in Iran.

This reputation is due to 10 years of unremitting efforts and providing appropriate services in the field of hosting and web-based services to Iranian users. Many people who work in the field of internet, introduce proper hosting as one of the most important reasons for the development of websites. Fortunately the company Fire Sky By providing various services in the field of hosts and domains, it has been able to keep up with Iranian users with the latest European technology. The presence of such representation by powerful European servers in the country contributes significantly to the development of a web-based service platform.

Offering impressive speed along with complete security of the view that catches the eye of every viewer. For example, by purchasing a download host you can safely take advantage of the huge amount of space available to you and easily provide a direct link to download files to your users. The control of these hosts is in the admin management and its extremely easy use, attracts users to Fire Sky It becomes. Speed ​​in attention, support, backup and rapidlich will help your comfort and quality of your website.

If you have heard a lot about hosting with Cpanel control panel, we must say that you can buy Cipanel hosting to ease your mind about managing a website of any size and size. To learn more about services Fire Sky, Join us.

Fire Sky Hosting Services

Successful Internet business with the help of powerful domains

In a traditional business, the most important principle, even more important than deciding what product to focus on is your place of business. We all know that the best stores are the ones that have a great location and are easily accessible to customers. With the growth of the Internet and web-based networks, structures have undergone tremendous change and the type of relationship between seller and buyer has changed; But some of the basic principles still stand.

Having a good store is more important than the product you sell. Using the service domain registration Fire Sky، You’ll find a store whose address stays well in mind, access speeds are amazing for users, and its support will amaze you.

Slopes with excellent support in the sky of fire

Use of virtual sky fire servers inside and outside Iran

A virtual server, or VPS for short, is located on a physical server that hosts multiple virtual servers. This is possible thanks to server virtualization software.

How does a virtual server work?

The virtual server provides the same functionality as the physical server. A virtual server uses some computing power, CPU, RAM, and physical server storage to operate. A physical server can host multiple virtual machines, which saves money. Each virtual server can have its own operating system (OS) and this is thanks to a partitioning system that allows different operating systems to coexist. This allows you to host data and websites in your chosen environment.

To buy a virtual server, Sky Fire will provide you with the most suitable options. Virtual servers are located in countries such as Germany, Finland, the Netherlands and Iran. Excellent ping, uptime and stability are the main features of these servers. Using these servers, you can enjoy quality services with your favorite operating system.

Buy a dedicated server from Fire Sky

High-traffic websites, security and sensitive information retention and thousands of other reasons can motivate you to use dedicated servers. For a variety of reasons, shared hosting may not be a good option for implementing your information. You can with Buy a dedicated server From Fire sky, Overcome resource constraints and take control of the server.

These servers, both in Iran and abroad, are ready to offer the best quality at the best price to their customers. The dedicated German server is provided by the Hetzner data center, whose extraordinary price and special quality are known among Iranian users.

You can also use dedicated servers if you wish Fire Sky Use in Iran, which will give you up to 99.9% uptime. In any case, it is better to check the quality and services available before any action by visiting Aseman Shab website and make a comparison by comparing them.

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