SK Hynix unveiled the world’s smallest NAND flash chip

Korean company SK Hynix says it has developed its most advanced NAND flash chip, which has 238 layers of memory cells. Reuters writes that SK Hynix’s 238-layer memory will be used in computer-class storage memory and later in smartphone memory and servers.

SK Hynix, which is the world’s second largest memory chip maker, says its 238-layer memory is the best NAND memory in the world. Last week, the American company Micron, which is considered one of the most serious competitors of SK Hynix, started the production and delivery of its first shipment of 232-layer memory.

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SK Hynix says the new 238-layer chip is the world’s smallest NAND flash chip and transfers data at 50% faster than the previous generation. This chip has experienced a 50% improvement in terms of energy efficiency. SK Hynix says the 238-layer memory reduces the amount of energy required to read data by 21 percent.

SK Hynix plans to start mass production of 238-layer memory in the first half of 2023.

SK Hynix and Solidigm (the new name of Intel’s NAND business that has been acquired by the Korean company) currently have a combined 18% of the NAND flash memory market. The two companies Samsung and Kyoxia are in the first and second places with a share of 35.3% and 18.9%, respectively.

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