Six unprecedented discoveries in 2021

From unprecedented black holes to the oldest animal DNA, 2021 discoveries set an unprecedented record. In the following, we will mention six unprecedented discoveries in 2021.

The oldest giant black hole

More than 13 billion years ago, when the universe was only 670 million years old, a black hole was born. This massive black hole is called J0313-1806 and has a mass equal to 1.6 billion times the mass of the Sun. This means it is twice as heavy and 20 million years older than the previous record black hole. The J0313-1806 black hole is so large that it has challenged the definition of the formation of massive black holes.

Gravity on the smallest scale

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Based on theories Isaac Newton And Albert EinsteinEvery object has a mass of gravity. Scientists have now been able to measure the gravity of a golden sphere 2 millimeters wide and weighing approximately 90 milligrams. Thus, the sphere is the smallest object that scientists have gravitationally measured. Slight gravitational pull indicates that the gravitational behavior acts as predicted even for small masses. Researchers also want to study the behavior of gravity and its effect on smaller scales.

Gravity on the smallest scale

It is as if gold on a horizontal glass rod reacts to the gravitational pull of its adjacent sphere. Measurements confirm that gravity works as expected for small objects.

The oldest flexible thumb

A 160-million-year-old petrosor called Mankidakitel Today, it is known as a living thing with flexible thumbs. The bird, scientifically named Kunpengopterus antipollicatus, used its thumb and flexible joints to climb trees in northeastern present-day China. These fingers helped him hunt insects and other prey.

Flexible thumb

Discovered from the Jurassic period, the Pterosaur used its flexible fingers to climb tree branches and hunt crickets or other prey.

The first integration of its kind

Scientists have for the first time observed the collision of a black hole with neutron stars, which were the remnants of giant stars. They observed this event by measuring the gravitational waves resulting from the collision. Previous sources of these oscillations in the space-time context have included the collision of two similar objects, such as two neutron stars or two black holes.

In simulating a new type of cosmic collision, neutron stars (orange) and a black hole (dark gray) collided to produce gravitational waves (blue). Finally, swallow the neutron star black hole.

The oldest DNA Beast

The teeth of a Siberian mammoth that lived more than a million years ago contain the oldest recovered animal DNA. The previous record holder was the DNA of a 700,000-year-old fossil horse. According to scientists, the new finding indicates greater durability of DNA.

The oldest animal DNA

DNA shows a million-year-old mammoth of unknown descent that merged with the hairy mammoth to produce Colombian mammoths living in North America. The ancient lineage of steppe mammoths (pictured) ended with the lineage of furry mammoths that lived in the north.

the most DNA Deniswan

A group of mysterious human beings known as the Denisovans became extinct years ago; But they left their mark. Indigenous people in the Philippines have 5% of Denisovani DNA, according to a new study. This is the largest amount of Denisovan DNA found in people around the world.

Most Denisovan DNA

The people of Aita in the Philippines belong to a racial group that has inherited the highest levels of Denisovan DNA worldwide.

Researchers are using the results, along with genetic clues from other Denisovan DNA-carrying groups, to track Denisovan’s movements from Southeast Asia and New Guinea, Papua and Australia.

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