Silicon Unveils Yueying Image Signal Processor to Increase Image Resolution

Silicon is Huawei’s chip design unit, which has recently become less active due to US sanctions. However, High Silicon unveiled a new image signal processor (ISP) at China Security Expo, which could be considered a significant achievement for Huawei and the company’s future products.

Silicon is calling the new ISP engine Yueying, which draws its power from artificial intelligence and will likely be embedded in a new generation of IoT (IoT) products. It turns out that artificial intelligence in the ISP engine is fully integrated to ensure image quality and create a new standard for artificial intelligence-based imaging, and improvements to capture smarter and clearer images in any scene is possible.

In addition, silicon has highlighted the capabilities of the new ISP in a number of experiments. The focus of these experiments was on reducing the extraordinary noise of intelligently sharpening images in very dim scenes, and showed that in such a scenario it is not even possible to correctly identify objects and their overall shape.

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It is interesting to note that the Yueying image processing engine consists of an NPU (neural network processing unit) and a VPU (vector processing unit), both of which are integrated to facilitate different functions while providing artificial intelligence solutions.

In general, it is not clear what the ISP is doing in real life and how true Huawei’s claims are; Therefore, it is better to wait for the unveiling of the first Huawei products equipped with this image signal processor.

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