Significantly improved performance of Samsung processors after alleged theft of TSMC trade secrets

Korean media claim production efficiency TSMC’s three-nanometer processors have reached a maximum of 63%, and the price of these processors has doubled compared to four-nanometer processors. Apple has reserved 100% of TSMC’s first generation 3nm lithography production capacity, but in the future, other companies will also use this lithography.

As one Twitter whistleblower He says, the production efficiency of 4nm Samsung and TSMC processors is almost the same, but probably TSMC still has better efficiency in 3nm lithography.

The similarity of the production efficiency of Samsung and TSMC in 4nm lithography is a very important event for the Korean company. Samsung’s product line is known for low efficiency, which has caused companies such as Nvidia and even Qualcomm to largely move away from Samsung and go to TSMC.

In late March of last year, it was claimed that Samsung “went to TSMC’s suppliers and stole their method of increasing efficiency” in order to increase the efficiency of 4nm lithography.

Informed sources say that Samsung has significantly improved the production efficiency of its new generation of processors. It is estimated that TSMC’s efficiency is around 80% and Samsung’s efficiency is at least 70%.

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